Chic Celebration Party – St Regis, Florence

Chic Celebration al St RegisPressconferenceFlorence, april 2nd 2014

And finally we decided to  celebrate Chic Celebration in Florence in an amazing location: the Salone delle Feste at St. Regis Hotel.

Carolina introduced Chic Celebration to the press, inviting professionals from the most popular media to a spectacular Airplane lunch. 18 themed table have been completely set, as an example of Chic Celebration style. Carolina has been interviewed by a local broadcaster have a look.

Afterwards, guests were invited to take a nice photoshooting with our master photographer Alberto.

A nice tea time with friends followed up, just a break before getting started with a delicious and overcrowded cocktail!

Time to go:  the untiring efforts of the dedicated staff members and work force of Affresco Events Group & the extraordinary energy of Carolina  have been the key factor behind the success of our memorable party!

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